Moon Moon Moon

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Moon Moon Moon - Adult Christmas

Moon Moon Moon - Adult Christmas

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Moon Moon Moon - Double Weird

Moon Moon Moon - Double Weird

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Journal Entry 1: Popronde Pre-...

Journal Entry 1: Popronde Pre-Party

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Journal Entry 5: Radio 3FM Not...

Journal Entry 5: Radio 3FM Not Recommending My Band is Turning Me Into a Villain

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Moon Moon Moon - Disintegratio...

Moon Moon Moon - Disintegration Loop


27 Nov 2020

Adult Christmas is here!

Have you lost those magical Christmas feelings you once had? Are things just a little bit less special than they used to be? Of course, they are! 
This song is for you, Adult Christmas is here.

*de Volkskrant track of the week*
*Premiered by 3VOOR12 here + interview about the song*
The song is available everywhere + today is Bandcamp Friday!

Co-produced with Stef Koenis (who also did the wondrous orchestral arrangement)

Special thanks:
Robin Kester & Vic Willems for backing vocals and listening patiently to all our different mixes we burned through in the process
Wessel Oltheten for mixing and mastering (and staying sane when we arrived with a million audio tracks for just this song)
Mark Benis for helping out with arrangements and production
Jari Deelstra for playing amazing drums
AT EASE for being a great label and doing this release


No scheduled shows at the moment, sorry! That could change soon though so keep an eye on this page.



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CD / Digital - Tiny Room Records - 2017

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CD / Digital - Moon Moon Moon - 2014

Moon Moon Moon


Since recording under the moniker Moon Moon Moon, Mark Lohmann has been known for his bold, endlessly witty, and shockingly sincere bedroom folk. Initially, Lohmann’s homespun songs channeled feelings of alienation and desire in abstract fashion, drawing comparisons to artists such as Phil Elverum, Sufjan Stevens, Conor Oberst and Elliott Smith.  

After years of prolific writing and recording independently, Moon Moon Moon’s whole creative approach shifted with Lohmann’s self-described journal entries. These free-form songs became sanctuaries for his most uncomfortable, embarrassing and impulsive thoughts. Each entry was recorded in the single day, accompanied by lyric videos adorned by Lohmann’s often macabre, whimsical animations. 

Moon Moon Moon’s upcoming fourth album Silly Symphonies isn’t merely a collection of songs. These are vivid scenes, with field recordings, recurring motifs and sounds acting out specific characters, each with their own little arc and within a bigger unfolding universe. Named after a series of Disney shorts from the 1930s – Silly Symphonies as disarmingly intimate and personal as anything the band has released