Banana Savannah

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Banana Savannah - Funky Face L...

Banana Savannah - Funky Face LIVE (promo)

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Banana Savannah - LIVE at Funked Up (promo)

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Banana Savannah - I Can't Breathe live (teaser)

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Banana Savannah - Buffalo Bubba LIVE (promo)

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Banana Savannah - LIVE at NDSM Vrijhaven X Bombascha (promo)

01 Jun 2019

Past shows

05/31 Rotterdamse Dakendagen
05/30 Hemeltjelief!, Amsterdam
05/26 Rotterdams Open Doek Filmfestival
05/25 ProefMei, Bergen op Zoom
05/24 Sniester, Den Haag
05/11 Fonteyn Festival, Utrecht
04/26 The Life I Live, Den Haag
04/05 Funked Up, Leiden
03/14 LantarenVenster, Rotterdam
03/09 PAARD, Den Haag
02/16 Skatecafé, Amsterdam
02/07 Effenaar, Eindhoven
02/01 Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
01/19 Jazzcafé Dizzy, Rotterdam
01/17 Pinguinradio Showcase, Groningen
10/27 PAARD, Den Haag
10/26 Kroepoekfabriek, Vlaardingen
10/06 Koninklijke Schouwburg, Den Haag
09/29 Festival 200 by the Sea, Skiffa
09/23 IJ <3 Tunner 50 jaar, Amsterdam
09/22 Centraal Wonen, Den Haag
09/14 RTM World Cup Skateboarding
09/02 Toost Foodtruck Festival XL
09/01 Festival de Luie Hond, Arnhem
08/31 Lepeltje Lepeltje, Eindhoven
08/26 Jazzfestival Delft
08/25 De Waterspin, Den Haag
08/24 Jazz in de Gracht, Den Haag
08/05 Grote PIT Show, 's-Gravezande
07/29 Zondag in het Park, Zoetermeer
07/19 Eendracht Festival, Rotterdam
07/13 Vis á Vis, Almere
07/05 North Sea Round Town, Rotterdam
06/30 Aangestrand, Den Haag
06/24 Parkpop, Den Haag
06/03 Huiskamer van de stad, Gouda
06/01 IO Festival, Delft
04/29 Spot The Loony, Rotterdam
04/27 Bombascha X Vrijhaven, Amsterdam
04/26 The Life I Live, Den Haag
04/21 BonFire Beach Fest, Den Haag
04/18 Paardcafé, Den Haag
03/30 Rooftop Music Night, Den Haag
03/25 BIRD, Rotterdam
03/14 IO band contest, Delft
02/02 KOFA, Vlaardingen
01/11 BIRD, Rotterdam


No scheduled shows at the moment, sorry! That could change soon though so keep an eye on this page.

Banana Savannah

Fresh funk, good vibes and positive energy!

You might have seen Banana Savannah at cool places like Paard, de Koninklijke Schouwburg, de Kroepoekfabriek, Tikibar Groningen, de Neushoorn, Effenaar, Skatecafé, NDSM-werf, Bird, Dizzy en LantarenVenster or festivals like The Life I Live, Parkpop, Luie Hond, Funked Up, Lepeltje Lepeltje, Sniester, Hemeltjelief! and Oerol? If not, we would like to introduce these youngsters to you as a fresh mix of old school seventies funk in the tradition of legends like James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, The Meters and Parliament-Funkadelic. You might hear some disco tunes as well. Last but not least, the band is very clear about their mission...

Don’t come around if you ain’t gonna dance!