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27tapes - AWKWARD i - Easy - L...

27tapes - AWKWARD i - Easy - Live From The Moon Music Studios

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Awkward I ♫ Rock is the Ro...

Awkward I ♫ Rock is the Road • Amsterdam Acoustics •

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awkward i - Skinny Jeans (Live...

awkward i - Skinny Jeans (Live Demo Session)

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Djurre de Haan - DWDD Recordin...

Djurre de Haan - DWDD Recordings: Mother's Last Words To Her Son, Washington Phillips - 27-3-2012

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awkward i - "Everything on Whe...

awkward i - "Everything on Wheels" -


28 Sep 2017


Hooggeacht publiek: begin volgend jaar komt het -door mij althans- langverwachte derde album van AWKWARD i, KYD, uit. Ja ik weet het mensen, dat duurt nog eventjes, máár daarvóór kun je de muziek al komen beluisteren tijdens de hieronder voorgestelde tournee! Je mag dan tijdens deze optredens ook al voorintekenen voor de plaat. Hoe dat precies werkt dat leg ik dan en daar nog verder uit! Hoop jullie te zien!

(foto: Felice Hofhuizen)





Rock Stars/ Mother's Last Words to her Son 7"

7" vinyl - Tender Records - 2016

Everything On Wheels

CD / LP / Digital - Excelsior Recordings - 2011

I Really Should Whisper

CD / LP / Digital - Excelsior Recordings - 2009

awkward i


The debut album of Djurre de Haan from Groningen, also known as AWKWARD i, was titled I Really Should Whisper. In 2009 everyone agreed this was a stunning album by a talented singer-songwriter, who by that time was making music for quite a while. People who paid attention knew Djurre de Haan was also playing bass in the Dutch bands Alamo Race Track and Hospital Bombers. In 2011 AWKWARD i released his second album Everything On Wheels and once again everyone agrees: it's one piece of an amazing album. Intense alt folk, sometimes toned-down and at other times flaring. Magnificent intro`s combined with gripping poetry and melodic depth; varied, subtle, complex and plain gorgeous music. The songs and lyrics by AWKWARD i have gone some way to earn their glowing melancholy but skillfully capture the strength, dynamics and raw emotion of a live performance, which has only been enhanced since he is accompanied by his own band. Songs may start small and intimate, with only guitar and the soft voice of De Haan, but develop into richly beautiful but vivid songs inviting you on an evocative expedition through emotions, atmospheres and sounds, deftly embodied in music. Songs about the eternal sequence of leaving, arriving, losing and getting lost. These are the wheels that will attract the listeners to AWKWARD i and his extraordinary talent.




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